Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Resurrection...

My rock crawler (my most expensive and favorite toy) has been out of commission for a couple years. She has a broken transmission and over the past two years her fuel system and carburation had become plugged up with bad fuel. Her battery was also dead...poor neglected girl. I really miss taking her to the mountains and tackling the tough trails and obstacles. Well, I had felt sorry for her long enough and on one warm October weekend I asked my dad if he'd help me get her running again so I could take her home with me. Did I fail to mention she has been parked, motionless in my parents driveway for the past two + years.

Day 1: My dad and I tore into her carburetor and cleaned it, but it was all for naught, engine no worky. I bought some fresh fuel and put it in her fuel cell...oops...I just mixed fresh fuel with old seperated and watered down fuel. We decided to stop our working and planned to pick it back up on Sunday.

Day 2: We tore into her carburetor yet again...this time we did a more thorough cleaning and hoped it would be enough. My fiance accompanied me this time to help my dad and I. We went and bought an inline fuel filter to put in front of the carb to help keep any contaminates that might be in the fuel cell and fuel line itself. We drained the fuel cell and pumped gas out into a bottle until it was fairly clear of water. We got her all put back together and it was time for the moment of truth. And after a few tries she came to life...momentarily, belching out flames from her carburetor. After a few adjustments we got her started and able to idle. Yay! Our hard work paid off!

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GunDiva said...

I loved working with you and Dad on Tinkerbell! There's something very cool about a vehicle big enough for three adults to sit around the engine and work! Can't wait to play with her!