Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lil' BluBox gets a new face!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, like September of 2009, but nothing much has really happened since then, until now. I have had an idea for a front bumper that I wanted for Lil' BluBox and finally made the decision to get it done. I sent a local shop a little computer rendered drawing of my idea, the owner of the shop liked it and said he could have it done in about a day and a half. I said, "Cool, lets do it." And it was done. Here are some now and then shots.

My wonderful wife also got me some tube safari doors for my birthday. I love her!


GunDiva said...

She's kinda partial to you, too.

Glad you like the doors and really glad that the shop was able to do the work you wanted them to. Lil' Blue is looking good.

Allenspark Lodge said... this turning into a mini-Tinkerbell? in a blue gown?

J-Bird said...

Lil' BluBoX will find herself somewhere between a stock Jeep and what Tinkerbell ended up as, definitely not as extreme as Tink was.