Sunday, August 23, 2009

Middle St. Vrain and Coney Flats

Tel, Myself, Allie-Bird (our dog) and my friend Mike joined the Mountaineers 4-Wheel Drive Club out of Fort Collins for their monthly trail run. Tel, Allie-Bird and I were in my stock, blue 2004 Jeep TJ, now known as the "Lil' Blue BoX". My friend Mike was in his fairly stock, orange 2006 Jeep TJ Rubicon. We met up with about twenty other off-road rigs in Lyons, Colorado and convoyed to the trail head which is on the Peak to Peak Highway between Highway 7 and Nederland at the Camp Dick campground. The trail was great, a lot of water crossings and a few challenging rock sections, but mostly just a nice Sunday drive in the mountains. There was one mud/sinkhole that swallowed up a few rigs (not mine or Mike's because we went around it). Mike had to pull one guy out of it. It was a deep hole! The Middle St. Vrain (MSV) portion of the trail was pretty tame with the exception of the sinkhole. The real fun began on the Coney Flats portion of the trail. Coney Flats starts where MSV ends and heads up a rocky hill with a couple of challenging obstacles for a stock Jeep. The "Lil' Blue BoX" was up to the challenge and made it up with no issues. The hill looked a lot more ominous from the bottom than it actually was. The maneuverability of the "Lil' Blue BoX" is wonderful especially after getting so used to "Tinkerbell's" extreme lack of turning radius. Mike seemed to have little trouble with this section as well. We were on our way to the next obstacle called "The Lake" a water crossing that can be pretty deep. Before crossing here, we stopped with the group to eat lunch. It was also a good place to do some idiot watching, like the group of 17-18 year olds who had a stock Chevy longbed Z71 pick-up up there, probably their parents. The trail is not too bad, but it is no place for a long wheel base, stock pick-up. They splashed down into the water and, somehow, managed not to take water into the air cleaner. They made it and we never saw anymore of them, but I wonder what kind of damage the poor pick-up had to endure. After lunch the group headed out across the water. Here is a little video of Mike and I crossing...

It was a great trip, we all had a ton of fun. Next the "Lil' Blue BoX" will tackle the "slick rock" of Moab! Can't wait for Labor Day Weekend!

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